October was a long month!

But I really appreciated. Usually this time of year is such a whirlwind that it seems to come and go in a flash and I'm left wishing I had done more things to slow down and enjoy the season. Though it was a busy month and one job rolled on into the next, there was still lots of leaf peeping, pumpkin carving, apple picking and even a few apple cider donuts mixed in. It was a full fall and I'm looking forward to the upcoming giving season!

Fall Family Photo Richmond Virginia portrait photography m.photo Emily Butz
Fall Family Photo Richmond Virginia portrait photography m.photo Emily Butz

October couldn't make up its mind about the weather and that was certainly a challenge to keep up with! It was hot and cool and perfectly sunny as well as perfectly foggy and rainy! What!? With so many fall photos to do, one day of rain can really be a headache to reschedule. However, I am so thankful for wonderful clients who are patient and understanding. I think if there is one teeny-tiny good thing to come out of this pandemic season, its that it has made us all a little more patient with each other and it has made our schedules a little more flexible! I am certainly thankful for weekday afternoons, they've turned out to be the perfect the balm for a rainy weekend.

While September and October are months more for "fall fun" in my book, its November and December that start the giving season. Its a time of year I spend indoors around the stove baking and thinking about what I can do for the ones I love to bring them a little coziness and warmth as the weather begins to chill. This year will be different than all the others for everyone as the pandemic surges forth again but I hope we can all find ways to safely give back and spend time with our families this season. Now more than ever may be the right time to document these days with our loved ones and printed photos from these times can be the perfect gift to help keep spirits high through the deeper winter months. I'll be making another post in a few days about the significance of printed images -- so don't miss it!

Looking toward November, I hope the weather is kinder and cooler and I hope everyone finds ways to safely celebrate the giving season!