April was a long and busy month...

April was definitely one of those months that felt longer than the days on the calendar. This month I MOVED, I had three newborn sessions within one short weekend, SIXTEEN Legacy Portraits, plus all of the wonderful family sessions, and milestone sessions. Whew! I feel like I'm halfway through a long race and I'm already slowing down, tired, short of breath. Next month is even busier but I'm going to get a second wind. I can feel it!

In the midst of busy seasons home becomes even more important. Home is the place where I come to relax after a day full of sessions. I plop myself on the couch, turn on a favorite show I can listen to in the background while I import photos and edit for hoursss (currently marathoning Bones but I'm always looking for other shows. Send me your recs!) So this month when I moved I was determined to get everything unpacked and in place immediately. It was a whirlwind of takeout food, very late nights, and a very achey back but I still say it was worth it. I couldn't have done it without the help of a dear friend. Peep the pics below!

In addition to the move, this month was full of sessions and I'm thankful each and every one of them. The Legacy Portrait has taken off like I could never have imagined. May is the last month for this year so reach out if you've been thinking about getting one. The recommendations have been out of this world. I've met so many new clients through referrals and all I can say is that I feel lucky and I feel extremely grateful. Keep hitting that heart icon and keep sharing the work because it really does make such a difference!

This is my favorite season for photos (even more than the Fall!) The weather is warm, flowers are in bloom and its just SO sunny! It feels good to come out of a cold winter and take the time to photograph all the new things and celebrations Spring brings. Scroll to the gallery below to see this month in photo!