Another MonthCome and Gone...

Hello from quarantine! I genuinely hope everyone is doing well and staying afloat during these very strange times. After an initial emergency "pause" when all of this started, I'm happy to say that after much brainstorming I was able to come up with a safe way to start holding sessions again in April! Part of these strange times is taking caution and learning to adapt to our new normal. I'm spacing sessions out to be every 10-14 days and all sessions must be outside. So if you're someone who wants to document all this family time right now, or if you were fearing that you'd have to put off your annual spring photos, or maybe you just want to do something different to break up the uniformity of your days, shoot me an email! If you feel comfortable, I feel comfortable, and we can do this!

April was a great month filled with Front Porch Sessions and lots of Milestone sessions! Honestly, these are two of my favorite kinds of sessions. On the one hand, I love how personal and customized to the client portraits at home are. This is the time when families are in their "natural habitat." These sessions are like little vignettes into their quirks and habits. The kids get silly and parents often take a small step back to smile, breathe, and watch.

Richmond Virginia West End Family Portrait Photographer Emily Butz

On the other hand, Milestone sessions bring an entire new level of excitement! Babies grow so much during their first year and I love seeing them go from sleepy little newborns, to wide-eyed babies, to tottering almost-toddlers. It is just so special to check in with them month to month seeing whose crawling, who's loving tummy time, who's clapping and who's finally taking steps! And it is a joy to document these stages for the parents to hold onto forever. In another few months I'll be putting together and mailing out photo albums to clients and I can't wait!

May is here and honestly I have no idea what it has for me, but hopefully it is a lot of healthy, sunny days and sessions with clients new and old.

Mother and newborn baby lifestyle portrait photographer Richmond Virginia Emily Butz
Mother and newborn baby lifestyle portrait photographer Richmond Virginia Emily Butz