October, the golden hour of the clock of the year...

The month where it finally gets a little cooler, the leaves start changing, and photo sessions take off! My October was full of new experiences and photo shoots. I went to Maine for the first time, booked some weddings, met new clients, went to the Greenbrier for the first time and ended the month with a golden hour session in the Blue Ridge mountains -- again, for the first time! Because this month has always been a busy one for me with lots of requests for family sessions for holiday cards, Tyler and I started making a point of it to sneak in a little fall trip before things get too crazy. I love the work I do but I'm not so good with the work/life balance. I'll keep going and saying yes to everything as long as my feet still work and there's air in my lungs. These trips have become important little retreats of self care where we take time to spend with each other, where we take the time to admire the world we're in, and where we charge up our creative juices taking pictures just for ourselves. The trip to Maine and the work-cation to Greenbrier allowed me the time to slow down and remember why I love photography.

This month has also been great for it's multitude of sessions! It's great seeing returning clients year after year. You get a feel for their style and personalities of the kids but I also met so many new clients this month. Whether it was through previous work they saw online, or Legacy Portraits becoming Family clients, or simply word of mouth this month was so full. More than anything it made me see how important it is to serve clients well because they really are the backbone of my business. I don't advertise much. Its hard to be heard over everything else clogging the feed. It is through the recommendation of past clients and a few key players that keep this crazy thing going.

More than anything this month has been filled with creativity! In a month filled with mini sessions for families looking for a holiday card picture it can be a challenge to bring fresh ideas to each shoot. However, being open to new locations and a little drive time has kept me on my toes in a good way. I've always loved it when clients request to have their session at their home. I think its the perfect way to make their photos specific to them, and a change of scenery for me gets me thinking about new compositions and seeing the light in new ways.

October is over and November is here. I am so excited for the incoming holidays and my calendar isn't slowing down just yet. I'm looking forward to another month filled with sweet moments taking pictures of families, spending a little time with my own and baking LOTS of sweet treats.

Take a look below to scroll through a ton of photos from October. You'll see lots of families but you'll also see snapshots from my trips this month. Keep going until the end because there is a sneak peek of my lovely golden hour session from yesterday too! It's dreamy.

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