They say March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb but I am definitely feeling that with November!

I am still reeling from one of my busiest months ever! I'm mostly caught up on all of the edits but I can't help but feeling like there is still so much to do! There's always emails to respond to, orders to check up on, and there is all of the planning for posts to make and moves to make in 2022. I'm used to the end of November and into December being a time where things quiet down, I can finally pick up a book again, and spend hours baking holiday treats in the kitchen. I guess these are the struggles they mean when they talk about "work life balance" and that you should take a little "me time" ....hmm I may have to look into this!

I guess part of why I feel like I can't slow down is because 1.) photo sessions definelty rebounded after last year. I had more this month than ever and the workload was heavy. My record was 11 in one weekend plus a few sprinkled during the week. 2.) I had family visit TWICE in an already busy month. Oh and did I mention the visits were back to back? I finally got a little insight into the dish and laundry load a family of four deals with on a regular basis. 3.) I hosted Thanksgiving this year and it was wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time. I love to cook but cooking for six different people with six different tastes was a lot. I did have some help though. I really appreciated having my mother come the day before the holiday to putter around in the kitchen with me, making and prepping everything for the next day. My favorite thing I made was probably the apple pie. Second was the vegetable lasagna. I use this recipe here and swear by it! The only thing I wish I had done more of? Taken more photos (...or ANY!) while everyone was here for Thanksgiving.

Isn't that just how it goes though? The photographer who preaches taking family photos forgets to slow down and take their own photos? Take it from me, if your family is in town this holiday season or if you're all local, tell folks to show up a little early, hire or at the very least ask someone else to take a few photos to mark the occasion. Its difficult with so much going on. From thinking about what you need to pick up at the grocery store to anticipating guest arrivals etc that you can forget why you're doing all of this in the first place. It happened to me. But we've got a second crack at it right now and so I hope we all do better documenting our time together this holiday season! Because its great to do all of the holiday things and see all the family but its even better when you have a picture to take away from that experience as well!

What's Next for

Keep your eyes peeled this December for details about Legacy Portraits in 2022! There's going to be an email list and a new backdrop option. Also if you've got one of my photos on your holiday card this season, I'd love to see it! Take a picture and tag me in it or better yet send one my way!

A little visual recap of November ...