What a month!

May was a quiet month a few extra sweet sessions. After the Covid shut down of March and April, it was nice to start to get back out there albeit with a little trepidation! During this time I really felt for everyone wanting to try to carry on with their life but struggling with how to do so safely. Like I've said, milestones keep coming even in the midst of a pandemic and they should still be celebrated and recognized but safety should always come first. I'm proud of my clients who took this challenge head on and through collaboration on a social distancing plan + responsible scheduling on my end I'm happy to say we managed it!

Having a distanced shoot with little, little, ones isn't easy. They're usually running around and playing and often they want me to join in too! I love that part of my job and while I was sad to have to abstain from that this month I did get to discover a few new ways where I could interact and get the kids to smile from further away. Dancing! Duh! Putting on a few songs to amp up the energy and getting the kids to show off their moves was such a lightbulb moment. I can't believe I hadn't done it more often before!

Look at her go!

From graduation to engagements to more milestone sessions, life just keeps chugging along.

The past two months we've had to sacrifice spending time with friends and family, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other events. May gave me hope though. This month showed me that with a little creativity we can still celebrate life and our achievements as they happen. We'll just have to do it differently than before and that's not a bad thing at all.