A Month In Review

Woo! First month of the New Year is in the books! Who else felt like January rushed in and then took its sweet time to creep by? After the extreme hustle and bustle of the holidays , I often welcome the quietness of January so I can tie up loose ends from the previous month and organize myself for the year to come!

I welcomed this new year unexpectedly in a little hibachi restaurant in western Virginia. I was driving back from a much needed vacation in Tennessee, when I had to stop for food. My stomach was grumbling, protesting any further driving, until I stopped and got something to eat. At 5:00 pm I walked into the restaurant to find kids running everywhere and everyone else wearing New Year's party hats and blowing party horns. My food addled brain completely forgot that it was New Year's Eve and that every restaurant known to man would be celebrating with special meals. Rather than turn around and hunt for food elsewhere I jumped in with both feet, grabbed a party hat, and sat down at one of the grills with a bunch of people and watched as the chef sliced and diced and made the onion volcano come to life! It was my first time seeing a hibachi show like that and it was a fun, spontaneous way to welcome in a new year! Also, if y'all need any suggestions of places to eat in Tennessee, hit up your girl. Tennessee has some true gems.

This month I revamped my website, a true labor of love, that I hope reflects not only my aesthetic but also my perspective on photography and the importance of it. January even brought this blog! So I can keep everyone up to date and show a little more appreciation for my wonderful clients. While January may have been light on some photo sessions, it did bring two sessions with returning clients and quite a few bookings for the coming months. February will be exciting with more newborn sessions, a three month session, and a bigger project with a local church. March, April, May, and even June all have weddings I'm looking forward to shooting! Its just the start of what looks to be a very promising year!

Oh! And before I forget, January also brought with it a new kitten! Everyone, meet Bruce! He is the sweetest cat I've ever known and also THE most playful. It takes him no time at all to settle in and start purring.

For some of you who follow me on social media, you might have seen me post pictures of a pretty but surly looking orange and black cat. Something happened to her a few months ago and though loss no matter how big or small is ever easy it does make you appreciate some things a little more.