Remember July?

Back when it was hot but like that bearable kind of hot? The kind where the mornings are cooler, the air isn't so thick, and the evenings are a nice respite from the day? Yeah...I miss that.

In July, I kicked off my summer mini series, had a great 4th of July in Upstate New York where I lucky enough to see the fireworks go off right above me, and discovered a sweet new spot for photo sessions!

Besides fireworks, July brought the start to my summer mini series. Right now I'm about halfway through the series and it has been such a blast -- catching up with clients, seeing how the kids have grown, and meeting the different challenges along the way. I love getting creative while still working to give clients something unique to them but consistent among the larger series.

Weekends in August have been sold out but there is still time to squeeze in a few more during the week before the summer comes to a close and the fall season begins. The summer mini series are sessions centered on capturing the joy and personality of your child. Send me a message if you'd like to set something up!