I'm Not Going to Lie...

August was quiet. I feel like in this day and age its so popular to present yourself as someone who is always busy; as if everything is fine and we're working all of the time. I'm guilty of prescribing to this attitude but I don't like it and its not realistic and it puts an unhealthy amount of pressure on people. I'm an honest person and that carries over to M.Photo. My approach to how sessions are conducted, the prices I charge, and the philosophy about why I think family photos are important, are all transparent. I like to think that any of my clients can ask me a question or get my opinion on something and they'll get a straightforward answer from me. So I'll be straightforward with this too: August was a quiet month with just a handful of sessions. A quiet month does make me nervous but this is part of the deal, this is life, and you just go through it.

You may have noticed I've been a little absent from social media this month. Honestly, I've been avoiding it. Every time I log into an app I feel my quiet month weigh on me. But a quiet month doesn't mean I'm any less talented, or that I am worse in giving beautiful photos to my clients. Social media makes it easy to compare yourself to others and makes it hard to remember your own goodness.

Who knows why this month was slower? I do love to be busy with photo. I love new projects and connecting with new and old clients. I am someone who will rarely say, "No," and tends to be as accommodating as possible. However, a tiny part of me can't say that I minded staying indoors a little more and out of the searing August heat. Cooler weather is approaching and my calendar is filling out, and I will trust the process.

I did have a very special birthday this year. You can read all about my trip to Charleston here. August also brought a few sessions with old clients and a couple of new ones. It was so hot outside those sessions were brief and we all still managed to end up drenched in sweat. I really commend anyone willing to have a photo session outside at the end of summer with one or more little kids! I also headed up to New York for our annual trip of county fair fun and family. It was canceled last year, and this year was still very different than years passed but it was good to be outdoors, to indulge in some fried food, and to see lots of cute farm animals.

I ended the month with a great session with a new client celebrating their little one's first year. After all of the storms we finally got some cooler temperatures which helped the shoot go smoothly. This little guy was so happy and smiley that there wasn't an outtake photo in the bunch. It was one of those sessions that reminds you that A.) I still got this!! and B.) These smiles are why I do what I do and why I work to get more clients.

A new season is coming and I'm looking forward to all it will bring. Take a look below to see more from my August.