“In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different.”

—John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent

Summer is a beautiful time, a pressure we didn't know was building is released and the days are longer making it somehow easier to relax. I started the Summer Mini Series last year as a way for families to break up their days and to engage children in absolute fun and silliness with a camera nearby to capture it all. It was such a blast catching up with long time clients, letting the parents take a step back, and documenting the kids as they cheesed and played. It was such a hit last year it just makes sense to bring it back again!

The Summer Mini Series is all about doing what the kids want to do. We play with bubbles, dance, draw with chalk, whatever they want to do. We might take a few seconds to get a close up or to snap one with Mom and Dad but the kids drive the bus with these sessions.

Summer means extra activities, vacations and HEAT! So these sessions are brief! At around 20 minutes, it's the perfect span of time to cope with busier schedules and to have fun outside before anyone gets too sweaty or too moody in the summer heat. These sessions are an extra 10% off versus my regular minis and included are all the hi-res digitals! The kids play, I take pictures, I edit the pictures, you get the pictures -- its easy breezy like Summer should be!

Summer is practically here and I am ready for it! This year I will be switching things up just a bit by focusing on black and white edits. The Summer Mini Series starts June 1st and goes through August 22nd so reach out before your Summer calendar gets bogged down.