When I look back on all the work I’ve done, some of my most favorite photographs come from those longer sessions. The sessions where we take an hour or two out of the day to slow down, relax, play, and photograph what happens. Just as important as it is to photograph those smiling faces, it is just as important to capture the smaller moments. Maybe it’s you and your child reading a favorite book together or maybe it's when the whole family gathers to play a game. These everyday moments that we may not always take the time to soak in are important too. It is often these sweeter moments that are the soul of the family and they can be captured. 

Whether I come to your home for a lifestyle session or we venture to a local park or flower farm, your family deserves to be captured with more than just iPhone photos. The occasion doesn’t have to be special. The scenario doesn’t have to be complicated but the time is important. The best smiles and laughs happen naturally and a slower paced photo session allows for this. 

I know what you may be thinking, “My two year old just can’t hold it together for that long!” But when the photo session is play centered and child driven then you’ll be surprised what we can capture. Think about an activity your child likes doing. Is it playing soccer, or do they love to help you out in the kitchen, is it pool time at grandma and grandpa’s? What will give you the warm fuzzies when you look at the photograph and think back about that moment captured? Whatever the answer to the question is, we can do it! 

I do A LOT of mini sessions in the fall. They are perfect for a quick update to the family album, for that yearly documentation of who is taller now and who lost what tooth. But a longer session is a beautiful opportunity to create joy filled memories that are itching to be printed and framed on your walls for you to enjoy day after day. It's those smiling faces on the wall that often remind us of the joy that can be experienced in the midst of chaos and exhaustions.