A Session Close to My Heart...

Last week, a truly wonderful thing happened to one of my best friends and one of the best people I know! She got engaged! So when Jeff called me on Friday to ask if I'd be there when he popped the question I jumped at the chance to be there to witness and to document such a special moment in the lives of two people I love.

I've known Casey and Jeff a while and right away it was easy to see how the two of them are perfect for each other. I know that is such a cliche but honestly, it's the truth! Their chemistry doesn't contain itself. When you're around the two of them its easy to see all the obvious signs of love: lots of laughter, lots of smiles, many, many inside jokes, but if you're around them long enough you'll also see the subtler signs of a deeper connection. They support and look after each other and you can see this through how they speak to one another and in how they look at each other.

Sessions like these, where there is a personal connection, are made all the sweeter. They lift you up and underline the value of documenting life. Casey, Jeff, and I can look back on these photos and remember not only the funny stories, feelings, and events leading up to the engagement, but the photos are already serving as visual prompts for us to reflect upon how we three ended up where we are.

It was truly a joy to be there to capture something so lovely for such a deserving couple and to give them something beautiful to add to their personal archive.

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