Y'all mainly know me for photos of cute families, cute toddlers, and cute babies but on top of all that I get requests for weddings too. I love the challenge of shooting a wedding but I don't do it alone! I've got my partner Tyler to work with me. If you're familiar with my instagram feed then you've seen him pop up from time to time. Since he is also a photographer it just makes sense that we'd team up! I love setting up a good detail shot or portrait but let me tell you he can get a good candid photo like no one else! It is incredibly difficult to be in the right place at the right time and to release the shutter at the perfect moment to get a great candid shot but he does it. And don't even get me started on dancing photos at the reception! How can anyone anticipate seemly random dance moves? I don't know, but he does!

Last month I had the pleasure to photograph the wedding of another family friend. I love photographing weddings in general because there are so many beautiful details and personal aspects that by the end of the night you feel as if you've known everyone there half your life. When it's the wedding for someone you have known for about that long it makes photographing the day that much sweeter.

The day started out with the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready at the family home. It was great seeing all of the bridesmaids, different relationships, sisters, cousins, friend circles come together. Also this hair + make up team were AWESOME. 10 ladies all done up ahead of time. Record setting. Ground breaking.

Nelia and Michael were married in NOVA at Raspberry Plain. It's a beautiful house with old architecture and great natural light. It was a pleasure to photograph because I could tell this venue was one that kept the photographer in mind when renovating. The outside alter and patio were shady and offered a pretty view of the mountains while the reception area was flooded with natural light from large windows and high ceilings. When it was time for sunset portraits there was no short list of options. From the sweet tree swing, to the open field with gently rolling Virginia mountains behind, to the private hedge garden, there were plenty of opportunities to get some beautiful shots. It's part of my job as a professional photographer to get the best photographs no matter the challenges, no matter the setting. But when there are no challenges, when everything falls into place?? The creativity can flow and I can focus on capturing every smile!

Their day was full of friends, family, and FUN! They wanted lots of candid photos and to be photographed surrounded by those they care about and having a good time, sharing laughs. And that is exactly what they got! Covid restrictions were lifted a bit so luckily more guests were able to attend and with 9! bridesmaids and groomsmen the party was full! Plus, I've known Michael for a while and his sense of humor has always been unmatched. Everyone around him gets caught up in laughter and that's the best kind of thing to photograph.

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