I get asked all the time, "Where should we have our session?"

and its hard for me to say! Richmond has so many great locations, that I usually just end up giving the entire list! Each area has their pros and their cons and some locations are better suited to different times of day. If you're new to town, or just passing through it can be difficult to visualize what these places even look like. So I thought I'd highlight my top three favorite locations in Richmond. You can find a comprehensive list of all locations I use at the bottom of this post. In addition, follow the links below to see a mini portfolio for each location so you can better visualize the space for when you're planning your next session!

University of Richmond

The University of Richmond is a great location. Its spacious, versatile, and pretty quiet even when school is in session. With it's brick and old world architecture it doesn't so much feel like a college campus as it does a castle. This is what I would call an "evergreen" location. Its pretty in all seasons and in all times of day though it is especially pretty when the leaves change color. There are plenty of benches, shady trees, and beautiful pathways and archways to choose from. The lake is an added bonus and the ducks that frequent the lake are very popular with the kiddos.


Maymont may be a cliche to some, but it is a gem to me! I like Maymont for it's flowered gardens and for it's spaciousness. There is always something in bloom from March well into October and though it is a popular hangout spot for locals there is still so much space that no one gets in the way. Maymont is best in the evenings right before they close but there are enough shadier places near the mansion that an early morning session can work as well. I love the secret butterfly garden near the stables and the little creek in the middle of the park.

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It may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think "photo shoot" but it has a lot to offer. I find the VMFA to be a very dynamic space and great for kids. There's beautiful architecture, flowers, steps, and pathways to use. Its a pretty compact space too so you can easily keep up with kids' restlessness without wearing them out too much walking all over creation. The top garden space and grassy area also gives kids the opportunity to run around and play. The VMFA can be crowded, especially on days when the weather is extra beautiful and its best in the spring and summer evenings when the sun is low and the light is golden.

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Other Richmond Locations I Love

Agecroft Hall *($100 fee for 2hrs)

Brown's Island

Dogwood Dell

Forest Hill

Historic Tuckahoe *($50 fee for 1hr)

Jefferson Park

Libby Hill

Main Street Station

Mary Munford Playground

The Midlothian Mines Park

Scuffletown Park

Shiplock Park

Sunday Park

Triangle Park