Legacy Portraits are a different kind of session that bring up a new set of questions. They may seem complicated, but I've worked them out to be simple and easy for clients. Here are a few frequently asked questions that may answer something that's been on your mind and help you prepare for your next session!

Richmond Virginia photographer Emily Butz M.Photo Legacy Portrait Heirloom Session Classic Studio Timeless Children's
Richmond Virginia photographer Emily Butz M.Photo Legacy Portrait Heirloom Session Classic Studio Timeless Children's
Richmond Virginia photographer Emily Butz M.Photo Legacy Portrait Heirloom Session Classic Studio Timeless Children's


What Age Group Can Have a Legacy Portrait?

The youngest I recommend is around 8 -9 months. Portraits for this age group always come out SO CUTE! They're usually pretty easy to work with and are loving smiling/interacting with what's around them. Its a great time to document the baby phase before they start tottering around and you can't keep them in one place! This age group does pretty well sitting on the stool I bring but sitting on the lap of a parent or even in an ExerSaucer works too!

While the LP is popular with younger kids, it is great for older children and teens. It's simple and classic and they don't have to cheese for the camera if they don't want to. This a great opportunity to get a formal portrait done that isn't school related.

Are high resolution files available for download or purchase?

High resolution files are not available. "Legacy Portrait" is not just a brand. An heirloom portrait is not just a style. Coming from my business, these portraits are a promise that the product you receive will be one that can be passed down for years to come. The only way for me to fulfill this promise is to control the print quality. All prints are serviced by me and are printed on archival museum rag paper with archival inks. When framed and taken care of these photos will not fade over time. They will hang on the wall and look as fresh and timeless as the day they were taken.

What Should My Child Wear?

First consider style. If you'd like your portraits to have a more traditional feel consider a shirt that has a collar of a kind. For a more modern feel go for a simpler neckline.

Second, think about color. I always suggest something that will compliment the sitter but won't contrast too much with the background. White is popular but lighter colors work well too and serve to break up the background. I suggest staying away from black and red especially.

Does my child have to wear shoes?

The beauty of the Legacy Portrait is that it's from the chest up. So no shoes, no socks necessary! Sweat pants are fine!

How Much Space Do You Need to Set Up?

Not a lot! I don't bring in a ton of gear. We need about 3 ft in length, 6 ft in height. I bring all lighting needs so the time of day and available light in the room doesn't matter. I also bring a backdrop and it covers up any clutter we don't want to see.

I Love the Photos! I Can't Choose Which Ones I Want Printed. Can You Create a Composite?

Yes! If there are a few expressions that you just love and can't decide between you can order a composite image that puts them all into one photo! Just let me know which images numbers you like and what kind of style you have in mind and we can create something together. This can also be a great option if you have more than one child and you'd like one photo that has both of them in it. Checkout some examples below!

I'm Worried About My Child Being Able to Sit Still. Any Tips?

While I do recommend 1-3 year olds sit down for their portrait it's usually not very challenging for them to cooperate. I bring along a stool for them to sit on and it has a little rainbow on it. Anytime they get up we just encourage them to "sit on the rainbow" and that usually works. I'm quick with the camera too, so they'll sit for a second or two, I'll snap-snap-snap, they'll get up and we re-set. It's not a big deal. I think allowing them some autonomy encourages participation.

If children need a little more encouragement I recommend allowing them to hold a toy. If it's small enough, I can either crop it out or remove it from the photo later on. Larger stuffed animals or dolls are great buddies to keep them company next to the stool, on the ground out of frame!

In a pinch, you can even show them pictures/videos of friends or family on your phone to get a smile. But beware! The phone can suck them in and change the agenda all together. Similarly, music can either get your child to smile and dance or be extra noise that overstimulates. Trust your instincts. You know your child best!

I do not recommend snacks during this kind of session. Food with children can be messy and it can make for a lot of re-touching later on.

I Have More Than One Child And I'm Not Sure if My Other Child Will Cooperate, What Do You Suggest?

There is a $50.00 fee for every additional child photographed the day of your Legacy Portrait. I suggest we try it out and if the photos for the second child do not turn out you will not be charged the fee for the second sitter. I understand that children are unpredictable and no one should be penalized for this. The remaining balance is always invoiced after the session has occurred so you will only be billed for the exact services rendered that day.

Let's be honest, meltdowns happen! It comes with the territory of being a tiny human. If one happens on the day of your Legacy Portrait, don't stress! We can take the time to calm down and reset. If it doesn't look like that is going to happen we can reschedule at no extra cost to you.

Love your work! Can I organize a group day for me and my friends?

Group days are tricky! They can be chaotic and more complicated than they need to be. Part of what makes my approach to these portraits different is the individualized attention each family receives. There is never a time crunch and experience has taught me that kids will always be more cooperative and smiley in their own familiar environment.

However sometimes for clients outside of the Richmond area, a group day can make more logistical sense. Reach out to discuss what you have in mind and to receive an individualized price quote.

Richmond Virginia photographer Emily Butz M.Photo Legacy Portrait Heirloom Session Classic Studio Timeless Children's
Richmond Virginia photographer Emily Butz M.Photo Legacy Portrait Heirloom Session Classic Studio Timeless Children's