Lake Life

Usually my birthday falls on the same week as a yearly conference my partner photographs and I get to tag along, exploring a different city each year. We have been fortunate enough to see Denver, Cincinnati, Boston, and Philadelphia in this way. So this year, with Covid cancelling most travel and all conference work, I was planning on a birthday at home or at our home away from home in Upstate New York. I was so surprised though, to wake up one morning and find that a special trip had been planned to get away to Lake Winni in New Hampshire.

It was absolutely beautiful there. The weather was perfect -- warm but never humid with evening temperatures by the water dipping into the mid 70's. The tall, dark pines contrasted with blue skies and gentle lake waters. Despite the summer season, It was still so quiet and relaxing. Its easy to see why people go back there every year and I hope to as well.

My favorite part of the trip was probably the first day we arrived. Sitting out on the dock, looking out to the lake, we saw one of the prettiest sunsets I've ever seen. The dramatic sunsets of Key West have yet to be topped but this came close with its rich golden light highlighting the lake houses, sparkling across the surface of the waters.

Visiting Lake Winnipesaukee is one of those simple things where you go, get some ice cream, swim and maybe have a fire at night. You wake up the next day and do it all over again happily. Sure you can visit the world's largest arcade or go for a hike but mostly I found it to be a place where you just focused on being present and enjoying lake life.