An Exceptional Time

This is a time like very few have faced before in their lifetime. With so much uncertainty it is difficult to think about much else other than getting from one day to the next. How do we fill these hours between meals, how do we keep the boundaries between work and home, and how do we walk the line between staying well informed and becoming obsessed and anxiety ridden? It is tough but there is hope and if anything right now, we have the luxury to take time to slow down and to appreciate the people in our lives like we haven't before.

Being a photographer in the time of the Corona virus is tricky. The big jobs like corporate conferences, weddings, picture days have all been canceled or delayed. On the other hand, life is still going on. Babies are still being born, infants are turning into toddlers, and people are still getting engaged. So, what are we to do? Have a blank spot in our family photo albums that will forever mark this period of time?

Richmond VA Cover-19 newborn photography
newborn photography Richmond virignia corona virus

Do not get me wrong, I do believe in exercising extreme caution. I have not crossed my property line in 14 days. But, I have a few appointments with clients coming up that I plan to keep as long as everyone involved feels comfortable and stays healthy. These sessions will be done at clients' homes and during those sessions, I plan on keeping my distance. I have a long lens that allows me to get beautiful pictures while still being far enough away.

I had to think long and hard about taking photo sessions during this time because there is some risk. I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing this out of selfish fear for the future. It was a recent session that helped me make my decision and see what a photo session during this time can mean for people. Read their testimonial, and reach out if you need something like this in the coming weeks. I'm here. I will be taking appointments for after April 19th.

"...All we can do is pray, continue to love each other and wait out this scary and confusing time. With everything changing by the second, one thing is the same: us. Thank you for capturing our love." 

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